“For the                  millennial you”

Make-Up Chevalet it’s meant to offer you a space, to let yourself be. In nowadays’ rush, it encourages you to take your time, when you feel like it. You’re your own Masterpiece! Why not having a tool to support you in this?

“Modern and practical”

Modern & practical, it offers you storages paces for your make-up & accesories. With an artistic design, it brings into your home, elegance by simplicity. 

The Make-Up Chevalet is a hand-crafted Vanity table, made of pine wood & MDF. Knowing how important lighting is to your make-up routine, Make-Up Chevalet offers plenty of it through its large mirror. 

Measurements: 166 x 77 x 106     Weight: 25 kg                                

Quick access drawer

Price is available upon request. Just drop us a message on the contact page, if interested.